Blooker offers a young and dynamic style perfect for a male target aged 22 to 40.

The Blooker collections mix American sportswear with Italian taste, offering an excellent quality price ratio and a versatile style, which can be customized according to your tastes.

Jeans, shirts, t-shirts, fabulous garment-dyed trousers and beautiful polo shirts that have already received important recognition from the international press.

The unmistakable symbol of the brand is the head of a panther, an expression of the passion of the founder of the brand – Jhon Blooker – for the African continent and for all that it represents.
The best cashmeres, the most precious Egyptian cottons and Japanese jeans fabrics are the starting point for the creation of exclusive garments thanks to which, over the years, Blooker has represented and still represents a lifestyle, a way of being and of thinking, the ability to express oneself through fashion.

Blooker is a new way of communicating.


Jhon Blooker was born in 1935 in Bray, a small Irish town near Dublin.

He was only 15 when he started working in the shop of a skilled tailor.
Here he sews the first denim where, for some time now, the trousers invented by Levi’s Strauss have been rampant.

In 1960, John emigrated to the United States.

He has a dream: to arrive in the country where everything is possible and open a small denim factory there.
For many years he worked in South Hampton, New Hampshire, in various manufacturing factories producing denim, T-shirts and chinos.

High quality products, made with attention to detail and suitable for any occasion.

Our collection, accessible to all to suit any budget , embraces a wide choice of clothing , ranging from traditional to the most trendy models and the fashion, to express your personal style at any time of the day.

Explore our full range of clothing for men, perfect garments forbe always in fashion.


Nel 1975 si trasferisce a New York e finalmente, nel meat market district, apre la sua fabbrica di denim, t-shirt e polo; l’anno successivo apre il suo primo negozio, inizialmente nato come spaccio aziendale.I suoi jeans e le sue polo piacciono subito, e conquistano rapidamente i personaggi del jet set americano.
Un articolo sul New York Time definirà John Blooker l’unico americano in grado di competere con i francesi nella realizzazione delle polo.
John è un amante dell’Africa, appassionato dello stile coloniale. 
Da sempre è affascinato dal mondo animale, in particolare dalla pantera.
Ecco perchè sceglie una testa di pantera, come simbolo della sua linea di abbigliamento. 
Da questo momento, il marchio Blooker comincia a diffondersi negli Stati Uniti attraverso una rete di stores sempre più fitta.
Nel 2004 il marchio Blooker approda anche in Italia, grazie ad una partnership con un’azienda italiana, lanciando una nuova sfida alle griffes del vecchio continente.